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H Baiat

Founder & Director


Our Mission

We are experts in curtain and blinds. We have spent many years working personally with our clients to create very individual stylish interiors. We provide a free in-home measure quote and free advice. We have a wide range to meet all your needs. We have a big range and you surely find what you need.

About Baiat

Hello friends, my name is Baiat, founder & director of Queen Saba Company. I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 30 years and my job is designing and sewing curtains. In this regard, I have experience in this work from 40 years ago outside the Netherlands and from 30 years ago in the Netherlands. I have experienced the cutting and sewing of curtains in various forms and I am pleased with my learning and work experience in the past years, and more than me are my old customers who express their satisfaction and have accompanied and supported me with their encouragement in these years. are
Therefore, after the break in doing my work and activities for various reasons, and in this recent process due to Covid-19, it was my old friends and clients who encouraged and requested me to start working again, and request I accept their orders. I was very encouraged in this field until I finally decided to start working and now I announce to you that I am at your service. But my new way of working is online, you will see my new way of working and activity in different parts of your website. Now that I can serve you again, I am very happy and I am grateful for your encouragement and support, and I hope and strive to serve you more and better than before. Hooshang Bayat site management

Our range of fabrics

Our Collection of fabrics and colors is coming soon with special articles that, in the meantime, I will introduce to you.


“We need sales managers in different regions of the Netherlands and other European countries. I invite you, who have the talent of marketing and sales in your area, to cooperate.”

Sales manager

“The founder of the Queen Saba company, interior designer and all kinds of classic, modern and fantasy curtains. Your interior decoration consultant and guide”


“We need an assistant administrative affair and virtual space for various administrative and commercial inquiries. We invite you who have full experience and skill in these matters to cooperate.”


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